Blues Beatles

Scandinavia Beatlemania Blues Tour 2018

It is with great pleasure that we at Damn Good Music, can introduce you to this great Brazilian band.
And no, it is not Samba or Salsa or for that matter any other Latin-American rhythm your are gonna hear, but fusion between one of the most famous band, The Beatles performed by the very elegant, swinging and yet with all Brazilian humor, Blues Beatles.

Blues Beatles is the combination of The Beatles’ vocals with hard-driving blues rhythms. Songs like A Hard Day’s Night, Ticket to Ride and Yesterday receive new arrangements, in which the most memorable parts are preserved and others changed to allow the blues universe to come into action.
The result is innovative studio and stage performances that blend familiar Beatles’ melodies with improvised guitar, Hammond, piano and saxophone solos.

Each member of Blues Beatles has a well established career in the blues and rock scene in Brazil and is among the top five players in their respective instruments in the country. Lancaster has six solo Cds and is considered the pioneer of Chicago Blues in Brazil. Flavio Naves is the best known Hammond player in the country with two solo Cds; Fred Barley and Bruno Falcão are considered one of the most influential rock and blues rhythm section in the country, having recorded and accompanied some of the most famous artists over the last decade.
Denilson Martins has one solo CD, and is considered the best Blues sax player in Brazil and is constantly in demand with blues and pop artists. Marcos Viana’s unique voice is responsible for the success of many advertising campaigns and brings the British element to the Blues Beatles sound.

Blues Beatles are: Marcos Viana on lead vocals, Flávio Naves on Hammond and piano, Lancaster on guitar and backing vocals, Bruno Falcão on bass and backing vocals, Fred Barley on drums and backing vocals and Denilson Martins on saxophone and backing vocals.

Blues Beatles performs at the most prestigious venues in Brazil such as the Bourbon Street Music Club (São Paulo), the Bolshoi Pub (Goiânia), as well as the major festivals in the country. Blues Beatles are currently expanding their activities to Europe, Scandinavia, The United States and Japan with tours scheduled for 2017 and 2018.

Blues Beatles will hit Scandinavia in Marts/April  2018.