In the beginning there was music, music that transformes time producing some of the greatest singers, song writers and players that graced this planet. That same beginning and the spirit of music joints two powerfull musicians together. During the years 2014 at the great “Cahors blues festival” in France, Fred and Dale were introduced to each other, during that exchange, they collaborated and exchanged idees about the song called “ the clock”, and had opportunity to grace the stage and introduce this song to the public at the festival.

Over a short period of time, it was inevetable that these two guys are going to meet at the crossroad of music. Dale from New Orleans, and, Fred from Paris France. Fred a very powerful blues and soul rock guitarist who played for some of the best worldclass musicians in our time such as Johnny Hallyday, Jacques Dutronc, Eddy Mitchel l, strong people in the music communuty. Neal Black, Billy Price, great song writers and musicians, just to name a few.

Dale in the same way, was touring around the world opening and sharing the stage with some of the top artists from America. North Sea Jazz Fest the year 2013 he had the oportunity to hit the stage with Herbie Hancock, Chip Carerre, The Roots, Sharon Jones and the Daptones ans many more… Dale was born in the Treme of New Orleans around great music makers and songs writers like Allen Toussaint, Fats Domino, Arron Neville and singers like Tony Owens and Cyril Neville.

It was the same for Fred also who was travelling around the world, now the day as come where the two musicians came together to form the Super Group FRED CHAPELLIER AND THE GENTS featuring DALE BLADE as the lead singer, with the unique musical style of soul and blues and presentation this is a perfect collaboration between two musicians with a fresh sound that’s well pleasing to the listining audiance.

Now Fred and Dale are joinded together along with:

Christophe Garreau (Basse)
Philippe Billoin (Claviers)
Guillaume Destarac (Batterie)
And the great Pascal “Bako” Mikaelian (Harmonica)